For the week ending Oct. 24:

  • New Listings increased 3.1% year-over-year to 1,179
  • Pending Sales increased 29.5% year-over-year to 1,225
  • Inventory decreased 48.2% year-over-year to 5,453
Freddie Mac reported that the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage hit a new all-time low this week, dropping to an average of 2.8% with .6 points. Record-low rates, coupled with continued strong buyer demand seen in recent months, should continue to support an active market in the coming weeks in what is normally a slower time of year.
Favorite Local Small Business:
Michael’s Pick:
The Culture Shop

1425 Kennon St
Charlotte, NC 28205
The Culture Shop is located in the Belmont neighborhood just outside of Uptown Charlotte and is a wine and cheese shop that features local items, specialty foods, small-batch delicacies.  It also carries wine and beer, including many of local brewers. 

The shop is new in 2020 (yes, they were one of the few new business who opened during COVID 19), but has already become a destination for cheese lovers.  Their charcuterie case is incredible and filled with local options.  The shop also makes sandwiches, curated meat and cheese boards, and incredible gift baskets.
Frank’s Pick: 
South End Auto Inspection

2321 South Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203
A yearly car inspection is mandatory in North Carolina.  It is a thankless task where the best case scenario is you get to pay taxes on your property afterwards, and worst case you have expensive repairs to make before you can pay those taxes.

South End Auto Inspection makes this mundane task as painless as possible.  A friend recommended them to me when I moved here, and I have got my car inspected there every year since.  I have never made an appointment. I have never waited more than 15 minutes for my inspection to be completed.  They are fast, efficient, and inexpensive.  I can't recommend them enough.
How to Reduce Stress When Moving with Children

Moving is stressful for adults.  For kids, it can be scary.   From your child’s perspective you are asking them to leave their home, school, and friends.   To help create an easier transition, follow these four tips:

1:  Be Upfront With Your Children
Let your children know where the family will be moving and when the move will take place. It helps to keep their lives as predictable as possible and their regular routines and schedules will provide comfort. Also, involving children in the process can help them feel that they have some control over their situation. Ask them lots of questions about their feelings and opinions. Some children may even like to read books about moving.    I recommend the following books:
  • Moving House by Anne Civardi (Preschool)
  • Alexander, Who’s Not Going to Move by Judith Viorst (K-3rd grade)
2:  Confidence, Not Fear
Many children fear that their belongings will be lost or thrown away when moving. While packing is a good time to get rid of unnecessary things, it is not a good time to do so with your children's things. Reassure them and let them help with the packing.  Let smaller children color on their own boxes so they can identify them easily.   Keep important things like favorite blankets, toys, and books unpacked.  Make sure they know that their new bedrooms will have the same furniture and familiar items as their old bedrooms. A really great tip is to have the moving company load the children's boxes last so they'll be the first off the truck.

3:  Get Some Closure
Children often worry about keeping in touch with friends or loved ones they leave behind. Discuss ways they can keep in touch with their old friends. Give them plenty of time to hang out with important people they will miss or see less as a result of the move. A farewell party can be a great way to help kids say hard goodbyes to those people.

4: Go Exploring Your New Neighborhood
Another way to alleviate anxiety is to help children get to know their new home. If possible, visit your new neighborhood and find parks, playgrounds, or other features that might be fun.  Show them the new house and the school they will attend. Some schools will offer the opportunity to meet the teacher or principal in advance. If you can't schedule a visit before moving, the internet is a great tool. Find pictures and area maps online. You can also take virtual tours of your new home.  Show them their room and help them plan how they will decorate when the move into the new home.